Music Visions is a  nonprofit organization whose goal is to produce value oriented music videos to entertain and inspire the next generations.

Dear Sponsor,

welcome to Music Visions. 

Our mission is to work towards a new culture of life  through the channel of music video.

We chose this field because music video is by far the most popular content on the Internet:  of YouTube’s global top 20 most watched content of all time, in all categories – 16 are music videos: we are talking about more than four billion viewers. 

The social impact of music video via YouTube and other channels is undeniable and yet sadly today’s music video culture no longer respects the dignity of the person. Hundreds of millions of young people spend the most formative years of their lives watching music videos which often promote an openly destructive lifestyle. No space seems to be left for artists who, despite their talent, cannot share their music simply for the lack of a well-produced music video. 

Music Visions would like to change that. Please help us – with your prayers and / or financial support – to start by sponsoring a music video production to allow our children to grow up with an example of something different – brilliant  artists sharing a culture of life.

Thank you.

The Music Visions team